April 6th, 2002



I got some new fish last night. My tank had lost a few fish, over the past several months. Not tons, but enough that it needed some new residents. Now I need to change the water, per the fish-guy's recommendation, but I've been putting it off. Like I put off most things, these days.

My tank now has:

7 neon tetras

5 head and tail light tetras (they look much cooler than the picture does)

2 black phantom tetra (both female - whoops, I'd meant to get one of each but forgot which gender I was missing!)

1 bloodfin tetra (looks very lonely! I forgot to get him any companions!)

1 dwarf gourami (also lonely.)

1 Bristlenose Plecostomus

The Pleco likes to be alone. But I feel badly for the poor Bloodfin and the Gourami, who are both swimming around looking confused. You can see them wondering, "Why am I the only one like me?" I hadn't realized that the Bloodfin was the last of his kind; I'll pick up a few more so he can swim happily in a little school again. C was going to get me another Gourami....I'll have to talk to him about my lonely fish.

I love the way fish tend to keep in schools of their own kind. It's so cool to watch. Now I'll just have to take care of these guys so they'll stay healthy and happy. And get some buddies for the Bloodfin. He keeps trying to school with the Neons...poor little ugly duckling doesn't fit in there....

On Men

Random thoughts I've been having, while tiling my basement floor and letting my mind wander.... I love looking at naked men. Not in the obscene way, just with fascination. I mean, the male "member" is just such a weird little body part! It always looks so silly to me, and makes me want to laugh. I try not to, particularly in the presence of naked men, because they never seem to take it well. But please. Especially when they bend down or something - strange little dangly bits swinging to and fro. Granted: we girls have some dangly bits of our own. But at least in my opinion, they're just not as odd-looking. Also they don't change shape so much with our moods, nor do they dictate them. Because the little bugger has such a mind of its own! It's kind of like a cat's tail: it's almost a separate entity with its own feelings, thoughts, goals, purpose, and agenda. I often wonder what it would like having one. I do think peeing standing up would be fun, I'll admit that. But look at how much it interferes with daily life, otherwise! And it's so delicate! Quite an oddity.