April 12th, 2002


Sluggy Freelance!

I just realized I never got around to posting my own efforts at drawing Sluggy comics here. I thought they were fun and funny, but none of the three I created won the contest. So if you like Sluggy, or just want to see what I did my drawing/humor efforts look like....enjoy!
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Video Game Addiction

Interesting article I just stumbled over, talking about internet game addiction.

I remember a couple of guys I went to school with were addicted to MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons, I think). They would play for hour after hour, day after day. It used to drive me crazy: I would come into the computer center to work on my thesis, and there they would be, typing away at their little games, usually using the good Sun workstation I wanted to use. They were friends of mine, but when they were playing their games, they turned into emotionless attentionless typists who'd barely acknowledge my existence.

One of them failed several classes, and nearly got thrown out of school. The other one realized he was sliding into dangerous territory, and killed off his character. Actually, he made me kill off his character! It was because I hated the MUDs so much, he wanted me to try it and try to understand at least a little of its allure. That was the deal he struck was that he would stop playing, but only if I would play the game and get his character killed.

It was mildly interesting, but I don't think I did enough to really understand the appeal. I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't want to learn though....I have enough time-wasting distractions as it is, without intentionally adding another!

Video games are fun. I've played several, and I've gotten engrossed in a few. I can definitely see how it could grow addictive, especially a game without an ending, with social interaction. Scary, though. I spend too much time with computers as it is. I'd rather get outside, play, run, dance, talk, laugh, hug and kiss, listen to and play music....all with real live people.

So I think I'll close this entry and work on doing just that. (:
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