April 21st, 2002


A good day

Yesterday was a good day. I should start with the night before, when I went to my company's moonlight bowling extravaganza. That was entertaining, although you would be hard-pressed to find somebody who bowled worse than I did. I scored 77 my first game. My second game was looking promising, and my fans were hoping I'd break into the triple digits, but I couldn't muster quite that kind of skill, and ended up at 89. Oh well!

We stayed out a little too late doing that, but were having a good time so it was hard to leave at a decent hour. I regretted it the next morning though, when I had to get up bright and early to go run in the Race for the Cure! I was so tired when I "woke up" (used only in the loosest sense of the term). I stumbled about the house bleary and incoherent, trying to get ready. Fortunately I didn't have to do much - just climb into my running clothes and go. Somebody else was even driving, thank goodness, so there were no falling-asleep-at-the-wheel accidents along the way.

Four of us joined forces - my mom, my sis, C, and myself. Mom and sis split up from us at the race though, because they were doing the walk event, while C and I had mustered up enough boldness to try the run. Fortunately by the time we had arrived downtown and started walking about, I was finally awake and functional. It was very cold out, which was a shame, but at least it wasn't raining.

The actual run felt great. It helps to be surrounded by thousands of other people, all also running and motivated. Plus there were a bunch of bands and singers along the way, and people cheering and encouraging us along. I started out with a nice slow pace, but picked it up a little bit halfway through, since I was feeling so good. We were definitely toward the back of the race, but that's okay. My goal was to complete it, not to win, as I'm not much of a runner. There were people slower than us though, and people who had to walk part of the way, so we were by no means last - so that felt great too. I finished the run in 36:16 minutes. No world records were set, but I ran the whole way and felt very proud of myself!

Afterwards we spent some time perusing the various freebies that sponsoring companies were giving away, collected a bag full of yogurt and stuff, then hooked up with mom and sis. They had done very well on the walk, and had even seen us at one point! We were looking for them when we passed the walkers, but missed 'em. (Musta been going too fast...haha!) They said that there were lots of people behind us. Cool.

After we had a light breakfast together and went our separate ways, the rest of the day was very mellow. C and I walked about a mile up to a little Coney place for lunch, to add to our daily exercise quota. Other than that, we spent a lot of time reading, talking, and watching old movies on television.

I was starting to feel kind of icky, like I felt the beginnings of a cold coming on, sneezing and nose-blowing a lot. I was hoping it was just the aftereffects of exercising in the cold air, not an actual virus. I had some soup for dinner, and took a vitamin, which will hopefully ward it off. I still feel stuffy today, but better, so hopefully that's the case. I got lots of sleep last night, which should definitely help.

Late last night, C found some movie on television with Sinatra in it, I think. I was sleepy and didn't much care anymore, so I curled up with my head on his chest, and took my glasses off. I remember him pulling them out of my hand, and then I don't remember much after that, just vague movie-noises somewhere in the back of my consciousness.

I don't know how much longer later it was that I heard him say, "Put your arms around my neck." Confused, I did so, and he picked me up and started carrying me up the stairs. Usually I resist this kind of treatment, because my stairs are steep and narrow, carpeted and slippery, and I think I'm too heavy. But at the same time it's lovely and romantic, and last night it just felt safe and sleepy and right, and I didn't mind at all. The feeling of being halfasleep, set gently into bed by somebody you love, is positively wonderful.
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