April 22nd, 2002



I generally wait until I get to work to have my first cup of coffee in the morning. This can sometimes cause some problems.

This morning, I poured coffee into my mug. Then I took a packet of Sweet and Low, opened it up, poured it into my mug, tossed the paper into the trash. Then I took the large canister of creamer, poured some of it into my mug, and came within inches of tossing the (almost full) canister into the trash.

I stopped myself just in time, and attempted to assess the situation. It took me only a few seconds to remember that the creamer canister belonged on the counter, so I set it there and picked up my coffee, shaking my head.

"I shouldn't try to make myself coffee before I've had any coffee," I thought logically, as I stumbled back to my desk.
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