April 29th, 2002


Busy weekend

Friday night was the first softball game of the season. I wore my new cleats, and played catcher. So I didn't try the cleats in the outfield, but I did find them very nice for running the bases. Hard to do a direct comparison since I haven't played without cleats since last fall, but they felt good. Also they didn't trip me up or anything, so that's a relief.

Most importantly: we won the game! Yay! Off to a great start this season. I didn't do anything particularly impressive myself, had a few decent hits but never made it all the way around the bases. Didn't make any outs or dramatic saves or anything...but I still had a good time, and I'm glad we won. This friday we have a double-header.

Then I met up with some people for coffee and a decadent piece of chocolate and caramel cake, then out dancing at a sort-of-new nightclub - the same nightclub I've been to many times, but it has yet another new name. Had a pretty good time.

Saturday morning I got up early-ish and tried out the new lawnmower. It was difficult going in the back where the grass had grown incredibly long. Needs some more work, because I let it go so long. But I still am satisfied with it, and my front looks fine now. Just gotta give the backyard another pass or two, wrestle it into shape. And I really need to do some weeding....I wish the weather was nicer. It rained quite a bit over the weekend, which is why I hurried out saturday morning to get it done before the rain began.

Spent most of the day at S&D's, helping them finish with their drywall. The addition looks great now that it's finally finished (well not mudded, but all the boards are up now).

I took a couple hours off in the middle to go to skating. Not figure skating, but speed skating, because that's my newest hobby I'm trying out. It was fun, although I'm still skating on rental skates while I decide if the sport is worth pursuing further. I think it is: I've enjoyed myself so far. It's fun to go fast, and I'm fairly good at it. My figure skating skills are transferring well.

Sunday was pretty mellow. B, who was in town since wednesday, had to leave that afternoon. I got together with several of his friends for a goodbye brunch, spent some time relaxing and talking, then he left. I was tired and sore from my weekend of activity, and ended up taking a 2 hour nap! Then C, A, and I went out for seafood for dinner and rented Rat Race (quite silly and entertaining) to complete the evening.

Today I'm tired, and have sore muscles where I didn't even realize I had muscles! (example: lower ribcage) Way too much happened to write an interesting detailed post about any of them, at least for now. I'm back at work, but too distracted to get a whole lot done just yet...hopefully I'll become more productive soon. I had a nice mug of chocolate-coffee, and might need another one. It's chilly in here today! (Big surprise there.)