May 31st, 2002


Short vacation!

This afternoon I'm leaving for the Stratford Theatre Festival! I'm very much looking forward to a little weekend getaway. It's been far too long since I've had one. This will be too short I expect, but probably still very nice. We are going to see two plays. The Threepeny Opera, and My Fair Lady. We're leaving tonight, staying at a bed and breakfast, seeing both shows tomorrow, then driving back home on Sunday. As Sunday is my birthday, I'm even having a little gathering of friends at my house Sunday night. We'll be having Indian food (mmm...yummy).

Unfortunately I still have a cold. *sigh* It's not too bad though...hopefully it'll stay that way. I took today off work, planning to try to get some extra sleep. Well I didn't actually sleep, but I did get some serious resting and relaxing done, which should help I'm sure. is kind of sucky that I managed to contract a virus right before my vacation, right before my birthday. Doesn't my body have impeccable timing? That's okay though -- I'll just have a good time anyway! That'll show it.
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