June 7th, 2002


Lazy Friday

It's my friday off work, and I've been incredibly lazy with it so far. I started out okay: I got up at a half-way decent hour, had some breakfast, got together some things to donate to the Vietnam Veterans, and left them on my porch. Then I was glancing through my friends page when I thought to myself, "Y'know, I'm still sleepy. I think I'll go upstairs and get back in bed."

I came up the stairs, and there were all three of my cats! Two on the bed, one by the dresser. "Oh, you guys had the same idea, didn't you?" I crawled into bed, disturbing one cat who ran off. The other one stayed to cuddle though. I'd thought I'd read for awhile or something in bed. Instead I stroked the cat for awhile then took a nap.

I had the weirdest bad dream. Collapse )