July 24th, 2002



I had a dream last night that I was in a car accident. It was pretty scary: my car slipped down a hill and flipped over. I was upside down, hanging from the seatbelt, and part of the roof/door was crushed in against my left arm. I was frightened, because I didn't know how to get out, and I was all alone. I thought my arm was broken. I've never broken a bone before, so I don't really know what it feels like. I remember thinking in the dream, "So this is what a broken arm feels like. If it is indeed broken."

(I've always joked that I have bones of steel, because they never break. But it hurt quite a lot - in my shoulder, upper arm, and even down into the little bones with which you wiggle your fingers.)

I woke up, and there was a cat sleeping on my arm.

Good advice for men

Stole a quote from wild_magnolia, who stole it from elsewhere.

Compliment a pretty woman on her smarts, and a smart woman on her looks.
~ Casanova

Or, better yet, compliment her on both. Compliment soon, and compliment frequently. But make sure it's sincere. We deserve that and more.

Much more! (update with an example from guingel - like lavish gifts!)