September 12th, 2002


The price of a short attention span

I was putzing around my house this evening, getting some stuff done before having to go to skating practice at 11pm (from which I have just returned). I emptied the dishwasher, took out the garbage including the cat litter, stuff like that. Unfortunately, I got distracted while changing the cat litter. I did the rest of the garbage, took the bags out to the curb, then started messing around on my computer. My mind easily wanders.

Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of a kitty-paw scraping something, the usual pawing a cat will do before and/or after using the litter box. Oh no! I realized I'd forgotten to finish with the kitty litter -- I hadn't actually put in a new bag with new litter in it, just removed the old one.

"No, stop it, wait, don't!" I yelled loudly as I rushed into the other room. I was hoping that if the cat hadn't started yet, my shouting would cause it to be startled into shy-bladder-syndrome and not make a mess. Too late. My littlest cat arched her back and stared at me with big surprised eyes, having just completed her business. I now had an empty litter box to clean out before I could refill it with a bag and some litter. *sigh*

"Oh crap," I muttered. "Well...actually....pee."

I am here.

I made it into work on-time today, which is unusual. But I woke up this morning and once I dragged myself out of bed, it was so cold, I just didn't want to stay or move slowly. I quickly put on my black jeans and a fuzzy turtle-necked sweater, and off I went. So here I am, at work. Working. Yeah.

My stomach and I have been disagreeing recently. I'm not sure what it wants. Actually, my whole body and I have not really been seeing eye-to-eye. Sore, achy, head and neck hurting, other parts hurting, stomach annoyed. Cold. I keep feeling like I might be getting sick, but I haven't actually gotten sick. I suppose that's good, at least.

Last night I came home from skating practice and was way too wired to sleep. That's the problem with skating until midnight, I guess! I don't think I fell asleep until around 4am. I spent some time reading, some time messing around on the computer, and lots of time just laying in bed feeling my feet like blocks of ice attached at the ankle, wiggling and twisting my way further and further into and under my comforter, trying to warm up.

Generally I sleep in just a t-shirt or tank top. I don't like lots of clothing in bed: I get tangled up in it, it wrinkles, it makes me uncomfortable. At some point during the night though, I got up and put on socks, pants, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt. I wandered around downstairs for awhile, then went back to bed still wearing all the clothes. That helped some and I finally warmed up and relaxed enough to sleep -- although I don't think I wore the sweatshirt all night. I might have started peeling off layers at some point. The early-morning is a bit fuzzy in my head. Unlike the sweatshirt, which is made of a very thin material, so it wasn't as silly and stuffy as it sounds.

It seems ridiculous to consider turning on the heat; it's just the beginning of September! I think I was just chilled from skating, so it took a long time to warm up my core temperature. I need to start making myself tea or hot chocolate after I skate, like I used to. With alcohol. Maybe that will usually does.

Strange conversation I just had in my head:

"Hm, even drinking water seems to be bothering my stomach a little right now."
"Well just stop drinking it. There's nothing that says you have to drink water!"
"Actually, there are like a thousand places where it says I have to drink water."
"Oh. Oh yeah. Well, I dunno."

The voices inside my head! They're trying to kill me! ha-ha....