September 15th, 2002


Double-shift of skating

It's Sunday night, and I'm home from skating. I'm bundled up nice and warm, feeling relaxed but tired. Today was quite an exercise-day! This afternoon, I went to my speed-skating group, for the first time in a couple of months. As luck would have it, my first day back was the day the coach decided to give us an extra-hard conditioning workout. He had us do 100 laps. 100! Yikes. Endurance is not my strong-suit, either. I have a sprinter's metabolism. I'm fast and strong, but I don't last long. Needless to say, that was hard work. Truthfully, I'm not certain I hit 100. I counted 92 total. I did some stroking around to warm up though, and I lost count a couple of times. When I lost count I always picked the lower number, because I didn't want to end up doing too little. But then I ran out of time.... Oh well, I came very close to 100, even if I didn't quite hit it. My legs were feeling like jelly by the end!

When I drove home, my sister was standing in my driveway waiting for me. We carpool together to synchro skating, since she's on the team this year as well. She was a little bit early, but it was time to go skate again! I stopped in my house first and swapped skates and uniforms. I munched on an energy bar on the way over, then we had a floor warm-up followed by under an hour of practice. Most of it wasn't too hard actually. The only bad bits were when we had to do some aerobics to warm up on the floor, then the Interval-Training we had to do on the ice. Fortunately she only had us do 3 intervals (each of which consist of a minute and a half of solid skating), and I took them a little slowly. The rest of the practice wasn't very intense -- thank goodness!

Anyway, I'm mighty tired right now! My legs feel weary, and my feet hurt. I'll be sore tomorrow or the next day, I'm sure. My feet have a couple of blisters, to which I've already tended, plus they are just achy. I need a footrub...but I'm here all alone. Maybe one of my cats will oblige? Ah well, maybe a bath later on tonight will help. First though, some mindless television, I think, while I rest my tired body!