September 30th, 2002


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Last night we were measured for the new season's skating dresses. They had last year's measurements written down as well, so I was able to compare how much I've changed in the past year. I knew I've changed sizes, but never compared measurements until now. Here are the results -- in one year, I've shrank the following number of inches:
bust - 2
waist - 3.5
hips - 2.5
My girth stayed the same, which apparently means I didn't grow any taller, alas!

Anyway. I've been craving junk food recently, which threatens to undo all my hard work. Today for example, I had a twix bar with my lunch. Yummy, but bad for me! Fortunately the lunch was very healthy to make up for it.

On the plus side, they worked us very hard in speed skating yesterday, which should have burned some serious calories. I was feeling really worn out by the end! Actually, I made kind of a mistake though: I ate a snickers bar right before practice (see? junk food cravings! plus, I was looking for an energy boost.). After warmup and accelerations, they had us doing progressive interval training. Skate 2 laps, wait and catch your breath while the other 2 groups do 2 laps, then do 3, then 4 laps, then 3, then 2 again. By the time I started my last two laps, I was feeling really really nauseous. Yuck! I could just feel my skin all ice-cold-sweaty, my legs felt so weak, and my stomach was flip-flopping. I actually bailed the practice without saying anything, got off the ice, and went to the bathroom, worried I was about to vomit. I didn't though, and after sitting for a few minutes I started feeling somewhat better. We only had 5 minutes left of practice at that point, so I just did some slow laps, taking it easy until practice was over. Definitely going to have to be more careful in the future though, and make sure I leave enough time for digestion before such a hard workout!

(Oh, and why am I posting this entry? To make sure I don't forget and make myself sick like that again!!)

Fortunately I had a couple of hours before my synchro skating practice, which was yesterday evening. Felt fine by the time it was time for that. Re-energized on plenty of water but no food, and practice went quite well. Especially the measuring part afterwards - I felt so proud of myself!