October 1st, 2002


Song Lyrics in Paragraph Form

[I love this song; I think it's just beautiful, both music and lyrics. I am learning to play it on piano. I was getting fairly good, then I got caught up in other things and haven't played my piano in far too long. But I heard the song today, and had to write down the lyrics -- to save and to share. It's time to start making time to play that poor neglected piano again...!]

Every Sunday, God wakes up to everybody's problems -- all those voices asking for forgiveness. Half asleep, he waves his hand to quickly mass-absolve them, wondering why he constantly relives this.... I don't want to take that time away from someone who might really need a sign from God that day.

Angel Michael on his knees, trying to find the time to help us...I don't need such expertise. I could never be that selfish. Isn't there a minor angel, not an angel one might miss? I can talk to, I can turn to, there to handle this?

Sunday morning in the choir, I'm the one who's singing off-key. By my bedside in the darkness, I will sing my prayers so softly. Isn't there a lonely angel, not an angel fully booked? I can call on, I can sing to, someone overlooked? Just one angel, angel only I can see, watching over me?

Sometimes when my heart is full, it makes me feel a bit frenetic. Fallen angel takes the bullet...wouldn't that be so poetic? Isn't there a private angel, unremembered, underused? Second angel, no one's angel, someone God excused? Just one angel, angel only I can see, watching over me?

All those days and nights God slaved to give us creature comforts. Why would we have free will, if he thought we'd always call? Maybe it's a lack of sleep that keeps him feeling vengeful. Maybe he'd be sweet and soft, if he could have his Sundays off.

Just one angel, angel only I can see, watching over me?
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    Just One Angel, by Uncle Bonsai


For lunch today, I tried one of the ideas I had during this long rambling entry. It was easy. I just took some leftover artichoke-salsa and dumped a can of tunafish into it. Then I put the whole thing into a tupperware container with a bunch of lettuce-from-a-bag, crumbled a few tortilla chips over it, put the lid on, and shook it up. It was really quite yummy!

The only thing I'll do differently for sure next time is to put the tortilla chips in right before eating it, instead of when putting stuff together in the morning (they were pretty soggy). Also, I think dumping in some canned corn would be an easy and tasty addition. Perhaps even some chickpeas or beans of some sort. Shredded cheese would be good too, although it would drastically decrease the healthiness...right now I think the only thing with any fat in it is the tortilla chips (and there were only a few), so it was a very healthy meal. High protein, low fat, and even some vegetables!

I'm quite pleased with myself. I can't really cook. I wouldn't call what I just did cooking, since it's just a combination of already-prepared ingredients, but it was still a big creative step for me. And it even tasted good - yay me!