October 12th, 2002


Still alive!

My internet connection is working again. It had been intermittent for the past few days. Last night I was showing C, and complaining about it, when all of a sudden an idea struck me. "Maybe they want me to use the new cable modem they sent me!"

He gave me an odd look. "They sent you a new cable modem?"

"Well, yes....I kind of forgot all about it until just now. It's in the living room, on the coffee table." He went into the living room, but couldn't find it. I glanced behind me. "Oh, wait -- it's here in the den, I forgot!"

Hopefully the fact that I've been sick will excuse how spacy I've been recently. It might, except for the fact that I was spacy before I got sick. Ah well, at least my current spaciness can be explained away! As to why I forgot for a couple of weeks about the new cable modem? Well...I was busy. And the old one was working okay. And I just forgot.

At least it's installed now, and my net connection is functioning much better. It could be unrelated....but it seems unlikely.

I was about to cut and paste the entry I wrote Wednesday night, that I never got to post, then I realized that most of it is irrelevant now that it is Saturday. Here's the only item which is still mildly interesting: Driving home, I saw a full-sized van which had been converted into a pickup truck, apparently. It had its entire top-back chopped off. I wish I could have examined it more closely, only it was across the intersection from me.

Oh, and this bit's kind of weirdly interestingly puzzling: When I arrived home, I found that somebody had mysteriously mowed my front yard. I wonder who did it, and I wish they had done my backyard as well.

I'm still feeling sick, although I think I'm getting better. I went to the doctor Thursday morning. She looked at my ear and my throat, and didn't seem overly concerned. Then she checked the lymph nodes in my neck, and looked very surprised. There is one node, on the right side of my neck, which had gotten huge. It was about the size of a large grape (and is still nearly as large), all puffy and inflamed. She said that indicates some kind of throat infection which my body is fighting, so she put me on antibiotics, told me to use hot compresses, and sent me on my way. My neck is still very sore, and I have a general achiness and lethargy. My ear and throat are feeling better though, so hopefully this means I'm getting healthier, if slowly.

I went to my usual Wednesday night skating practice, but skipped Thursday morning. Friday I had the day off, slept in, and after I went for a beautiful autumnal 1.5 mile walk I took a long afternoon nap. This morning I got up and made it to the second half of skating practice....now I think I might try another nap...!