October 17th, 2002


Backwards Synchro

Crazy crazy skating practice this evening! The coach wanted to switch the positions that a few of the skaters are in. She knew where she wanted everyone to be at the end of the program, so she had the interesting idea of having us go to the ending of the routine, make the switch, and then work the whole number through backwards so that everyone would know where they'd end up at the beginning.

Backwards. Three and a half minutes of a complex dance routine, done from end to beginning. It's kind of like trying to say the alphabet backwards, only with your whole body, not just your mouth. Or writing your full name, in cursive, backwards -- try it, it's hard! To make this more difficult, we haven't practiced since sunday, and the beginning part of the program we haven't worked on in a couple of weeks. We didn't do a forward reminder runthrough to begin with, so I was having trouble remembering some parts of the number forwards, let alone try to reverse it.

I was so completely confused! We all were! Plus, of course, it was 11:30pm, so everybody was fairly giddy and giggly anyway. It was really silly and hard and confusing, but we got through it with a lot of laughter. Twice, I found myself next to somebody I wasn't supposed to be next to. We would look at one another in confusion, then glance around, and suddenly realize what we'd done wrong and where we were supposed to be. Then we'd back up and try again.

Eventually, we succeeded, and found our way back to the beginning. The whole effort only took us about 10 minutes, for a 3.5 minute program!