October 25th, 2002



My skating team is having a big fundraising garage sale this weekend. Since I have today off of work, I am supposed to be going through my basement right now, finding stuff to donate. I have quite a lot of stuff actually, I just need to put it together. I'll donate a lot of it, it will be tax-deductible, and hopefully we'll raise lots of money. Ever since I moved (almost 3 years ago, gads!), I've had a pile of stuff from my old place which I wanted to attempt to sell, just never got around to doing so. Some of mine, and some stuff of S's. Hm, maybe that's why I'm procrastinating from going through it all.

Other than working at the garage sale, it should be a quiet weekend. Going out to dinner tonight with a friend, no other plans currently (aside from the usual skating practices I do every weekend). C is gallivanting off to Europe for a week, so he won't be around to entertain me.

I'm looking into refinancing my mortgage. I've been looking into refinancing my mortgage for eons now, but have never actually gone ahead and done it. Not good, I know....I could be saving tons of money. I'm not sure what's holding me back. Some combination of procrastination, laziness, fear of messing things up, something. I'm looking at eloan though, and I've heard good things about it, so I might try to get them to give me a nice loan. Of course, the rates have gone up a bit recently apparently.... *sigh* maybe this is part of why I keep putting it off, because I'm never sure of what's a good rate, and when waiting will get me a better one.

I had my yearly physical back in the summer, and they asked me to pop in later on and have some routine bloodwork done. Of course I never got around to doing it. So when I was sick a few weeks ago, and had to go to the doctor's anyway, I asked them to do the bloodwork while I was there. The nurse and I spoke regarding the results earlier this morning. Apparently, I'm showing signs of anemia. Quite odd, since I don't really have a reason to be anemic. Although I was deferred from giving blood awhile ago, I successfully donated a few weeks later (although my hemocrit was boarderline even then...they said I had the lowest possible passing percentage). Although she says I don't need to be concerned, she wants me to come in when convenient and have more thorough iron tests done.

She also recommended I start taking a daily multivitamin. I don't really like taking vitamins. The pills are large and hard to swollow, and I'm not good at remembering to do such things on a regular basis. I have a really old bottle of Centrum, which I believe expired a few years ago -- but I imagine the vitamins don't really leak out, so it's probably more-or-less okay. I take them occasionally, mostly when I have a cold, or when I'm planning on giving blood. But I'm thinking of seeing if I can get Flinstones vitamins next time I'm at the drug store, if they're okay for adults. Maybe something like that would be more appealing, something I can chew instead of choak on, something (hopefully) somewhat tasty.