November 12th, 2002


Coffee and friendship

Last night was interesting! I got home from work late-ish, because I was busy goofing around on the internet. Upon arrive home I found my darn cable modem to be still non-functional, as I'd feared. *sigh* I was pretty worn out, from my long week/weekend/Sunday-night out with my friends.

I discovered that my milk was set to expire today, so clearly I needed to eat as much cereal as possible in order to waste as little milk as possible. So I had two yummy bowls for dinner. (apple cinnamon cheerios!) I changed into my jammies and watched an embarrassing movie on television (Growing Pains, which I didn't even know they'd made the sitcom into a movie 2 years ago). I looked at my still-mostly-packed suitcase and decided to ignore it. I drank some relaxing sleepy before-bed tea, and I yawningly decided to make an early night of it.

Then, at 10pm, one of my girlfriends called. We've known each other since we were both 6 years old. Before sunday, I hadn't seen her in about 2 years. She's going back to Seattle today, and who knows when or if she'll ever visit again! (Note to self: I must get around to visiting her there sometime soon.) Naturally when I heard she was going out last night with a couple of our other friends, I had to join them, tiredness be damned. I'm not so old that a night out with friends is less appealing than sleep! The only challenge was waking up enough to be coherent again.

Well I succeeded: I tossed on a pair of jeans, and I had an omelet and coffee and laughter and good conversation. (although I could feel myself speaking a bit more slowly and laboriously than normal...) We promised ourselves not to stay out as late this time, and we mostly succeeded, getting home just after midnight.

It was a good evening, actually they were both good evenings. I value my friends, and I should spend more time with them. (Note to self!)

(Oh, and this morning I apparently slept through my alarm somehow, got to work an hour late, so I'm feeling much more refreshed today. heehee. There's probably another note to self somewhere in there...but I should get back to work.)

Corporate America

I have worked in the same building, for the same small auto insurance company, for 6 years as of yesterday. During that time however, my company has been "parented" or "owned" by 4 different companies, and we are up for sale again. It's odd, actually.... We started out owned by company A, who then was bought by company B. Company B had us merge with a similar small company they already owned, company V, so we're now sister companies. Then company B was bought by company C. After awhile, company C decided they didn't want to do auto insurance, so they sold us and V to company D.

Got all that? Now apparently company D has decided to get out of the Property and Casualty business, so they want to sell their whole P&C business, us included. Nothing is official yet, but I might have yet another company to work for by the end of this year, or early next year.

Fortunately we haven't ever put our parent company on our business cards, so I haven't had to get new ones with each merger! Crazy.