November 21st, 2002


Dreaming of pain?

Last night I went to bed about 2am, after my midnight synchro practice. I woke up around 4am, almost crying from pain. My back hurt so badly! The lower back hurt some -- this is normal for when I wake up. But also there was a spot in my upper back that felt like I had a badly pulled a muscle. It was under my left shoulderblade, horizontally across the left side of my back-ribcage. Every time I moved, it hurt. I couldn't even take a semi-deep breath, because my ribs hurt too much to expand. What the hell did I do to myself?? I kept wondering.

I heaved myself out of bed and stumbled down the stairs, wincing and moaning. I swallowed some tylenol then limped back up the stairs and eased myself into bed. I lay completely flat, breathing shallowly, hurting, hurting, hoping to fall back asleep. Mentally I was so mad at myself: this was going to ruin my weekend! How could I be so stupid to have hurt myself without knowing it, and what was wrong? Finally, I fell asleep.

When I woke up this morning, my back felt perfectly normal.

So what was that all about? Did I dream the whole thing? And if so, what kind of insane dream is that? Or did two tylonol make it all go away? I don't know. It's all really really weird, although of course I'm glad it's gone.

Right now my back feels okay...a little bit stiff and painful in that spot, but I have a feeling it's mostly because I'm writing about it -- more sympathetic pain than the real stuff. Strange!

Clothing Trends

When I was a kid in middle school, large baggy shirts were popular. In the summertime, girls would sometimes wear t-shirts so long that they covered their shorts completely, and you were left wondering if they were wearing any. Even though we were children, we all bought adult sizes when we got t-shirts, often I would even get an adult large or adult X-large.

Now I am 31, and tight fitted shirts are popular. I am short, and I'm pretty small. I find that I still often buy my shirts in large or X-large, but now it's because I'm buying them from the kids' departments....