alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Fraser Results

We won! It was extremely close, but we took the gold yesterday. Our program started out awesome, much better than last competition. In fact, our whole program was great except we did have a bad fall -- 3 people went down during the back lunge pass. They popped right back in, and every other part of the program was very good. Our expression was much better than it's been. That was our main goal, to "sell" the program, make the audience love it. We did that successfully.

Of course, with such a big fall, even with an otherwise excellent program we were very very worried. The judges were torn too - 4 placed us first, 3 placed us second. So it was mighty close. When they first announced the results, the acoustics were so bad I thought they'd said we took second. I was so bummed! Then everyone around me was jumping and hugging, and I was very confused. Then I realized we'd won. Hooray!
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