March 20th, 2003


Holiday decorations

Some people decorate their houses for various holidays. When at work, some people decorate their cubicle, or their desk, or their workspace. Me? I decorate my witch.

It all started a good four years ago, when several coworkers went out shopping for halloween decorations. I found a really cool papier-mache witch: she has a black flowing robe and rides a broomstick. She has a plastic wire from which she hangs. It was really a well-crafted piece, very nice-looking, and I liked it a lot.

That first year she hung by the door of the suite, with the rest of the decorations. The next Halloween, I pulled her out and hung her from the fire-sprinkler directly over my cubicle. (Better hope there's no fire, since she's made of paper! However, if there was really a fire, she would probably be the least of my worries.)

When Halloween-season ended that year, I didn't take her down. I liked her too much! Instead, since Christmas-season was coming, I took a little candy-cane-reindeer and balanced it on the broom with her. Thus, a new tradition was formed. Each time a holiday approached, I would decorate the witch's broom for that holiday. A groundhog, a leprechaun, a bunny, a flag, a turkey...all have ridden on that broom at various times during the year.

I even joked that, come Halloween, I would dress her up as a teletubby or skeleton or something, since she was clearly no longer a Halloween decoration as-is. (Actually, I just put a plastic spider on the broom this past Halloween.)

Easter is nearing, and I could give her a bunny or a chick or something. But in these turmoiled times, I decided it was time for her to make a different statement. I therefore printed out the following two little images, taped them together to form a double-sided picture, and hung them from the broom.

I don't (and won't) talk about the war much if at all, but I am and will forever remain a pacifist. I don't like killing. 'nuff said.