March 31st, 2003



The alarm clock went off this morning at its usual time, but neither of us were interested in waking up. I had to use the toilet though, so after pressing snooze I stumbled up and into the bathroom. Reentering the bedroom, I glanced blearily out the window and saw white. White! What about Spring? I wasn't wearing my glasses, but I could tell there was definitely whiteness the ground. A light dust covering almost everything. I crawled back into bed and mumbled, "It snowed."

"mmm.." was the only reply I got, so I closed my eyes and snuggled up. We both snoozed for awhile longer, in denial about the end of the weekend, avoiding the morning's reality as long as possible.

When the alarm clock had beeped its way into our peacefulness a few more times, we finally accepted that we had to awaken. He gave me a kiss, and I told him again, "It snowed last night." His response was simply not as interested or distraught as I wanted it to be, so I elaborated, "We have to shovel now."

This elicited more of the reaction I was looking for. His eyes widened. "Really??" he asked, actually listening this time, looking surprised and concerned.

"No." I smiled in satisfaction, climbed out of bed, and got up to face the day.


When I'm writing a friendly email without any particular purpose, I will often use "hiya!" in the subject line. I mean it as a casual, friendly, hello-type greeting.

Just now though, I saw the subject on a note in my inbox, and I realized that it could also be taken to mean a classically stereotyped version of a martial arts battle-cry. Like this: hiiiiyyyaa!!!

I hope nobody has thought, over the years I've used that subject, that I was challenging them to battle, or virtually karate-chopping them, or something! Gosh, how awkward.

So now the Dilemma For The Day is: do I go back and email an apology to everyone I've ever written to, or do I just let it slide, hoping they understood what I meant??

More Tales from the Front

My shoulder hurts too much, too often. (Must do something about that soon.) Just now, I decided to take some ibuprofen in the hopes that it would help. I'd had a cup full of ice-water sitting on my desk earlier, but I now discovered that I'd drunk all of the water and nothing but ice remained. I don't swallow pills well; I always need a drink to help them down. Still, for some reason I decided that today I could take the pills with just ice. After all ice is water, right?

I popped two pills into my mouth. Then I maneuvered my straw and slid precisely one ice cube into my mouth. Then I paused. What was I supposed to do now? I couldn't chew the ice cube with the pills in my mouth: I'd probably crush the pills and they'd taste nasty. Was I supposed to let the ice melt, and then use it to swallow the pills? I didn't think there was even enough liquid in the ice cube to enable pill-swallowing. Clearly I hadn't thought this through.

The two pills and the ice cube all balanced on my tongue, my mouth discretely closed, I grabbed my cup and hurried to the water-cooler. My tongue was growing numb. I took a swallow of real water, and found another dilemma. I couldn't swallow the pills without swallowing the ice cube, but it was really too big...and too cold....but I had to do something. Bravely I tossed my head back and swallowed the water, pills, and ice. I could feel the cold ice cube forcing its way through my throat...then everything was successfully down the tube.

Problem over. I returned to my desk, feeling rather silly. ( naturally I had to post it to the 'net....)