June 1st, 2003



I am in Amherst. I just said goodbye to all my 1993 classmates, and now I'm in the library enjoying the internet access. They have computer monitors which are in/under desk tables, behind glass. They are slanted at an angle for optimal viewing. Presuming, of course, everybody is the same height. There is dust on the screen (actually it's not even dust, but little black flecks of something), but I can't actually reach underneath to wipe it off. I remember that at the company I used to work for we installed desks like these in our new training room. While they had seemed so cool in concept, everybody always hated them. The keyboards are in trays and are showing their age -- not very responsive to my touch-typing. Well perhaps others are better....I have only tried this one.

I saw a lot of people this weekend. A few friends, and lots of people I only sort-of-knew. It's strange, actually, given only about 350 people in my graduating class, that I knew so few of them! We all kept glancing around and asking one another, "Who are all these people, what are they doing here, and where are the people I went to school with?" Of course, when we were at school, we all spent a lot of time with students in other graduating classes, most of whom are not here this weekend.

I confused everybody, because I look almost nothing like I did when I was here 10 years ago. Then I wore my hair very short, with bangs. Also I weighed more, making my face look different. Yesterday I wore my nametag though, and people eventually recognized and remembered me.

My talk went very well, and a surprising number of people approached me afterward to tell me they'd enjoyed it. Actually, even 1 or 2 people would have been a surprising number, but I really mean more in the vicinity at least 10 or so! I am pleased and flattered. I will write it down later, when I get home.

I have a few more hours to wander around and see the place before I must head to the airport. Unfortunately, it is raining, making the walks I was looking forward to now seem less attractive. At least the weather was beautiful on Friday, so I did get to enjoy some walking around already.