June 12th, 2003


Grumpy today

Grumpy and moody. The only thing that has been somewhat cheering me up is occasionally looking back at last night's eye post. I like those pictures, especially the top one. So bright and deep. Peaceful pools.

Bits of emails I just wrote:

Subj: Blah!

I'm annoyed with this weather. Maybe you're right, maybe we do need to chase down summer. It's clearly not coming here any time soon. Too bad we're busy this weekend, we could just jump in a car and drive south until we were happy. And never come back. We could get jobs down there, right? And live in a little cheap hotel where people gave us funny looks until we knew what part of the town we wanted to live in, close to work but warm and happy.

I'm so tired to having stuff to do. There's always something going on, something to plan, something to figure out. Speaking of which, I need to figure out how and when I'm getting to the Ski reunion. It's a week from saturday now. Blah. Sis and I are trying to figure it out.

I'm feeling kinda crappy, physically and mentally. I'm such a slacker at work these days, and it feels like I have so little time to myself, and when I do have time I just throw it away doing shit, and it's all cold and rainy outside, and I'm just awfully sad and grumpy. Blah. BLAH, I say, blah!

Moodily yours....