July 8th, 2003


Odds 'n' Ends

I am back at work today. Sleepy and allergy-ridden, but somewhat productive.
I had a company cell phone, but it looks like I will be losing it. *sigh*
Anybody want to recommend a good mobile provider? Any advice to keep in mind? I haven't needed one in a few years.
My power came back saturday evening, but all of my food is still in my mom's fridge.
Tonight I will attempt to rescue my food.
I will also hip-hop until I drop.
Then I will eat mac 'n' cheese at C's house, if all goes well.
I have a window cubicle at work, on the 4th floor, and about a mile away from my window is a small private airport.
I see a lot of planes fly by. My morbid brain keeps picturing them dropping out of the sky.
I also see a lot of birds flying and swooping about. They look like they're more likely to stay airborne than the planes.
I had a dream sometime last week or so, that I watched a helicopter crash. (Not from my office window; I was on the ground.) I saw it nose-diving, and I asked whoever I was with, "Do you think it's going down?", because for some reason I always think I see these things when they aren't happening, so I wasn't sure. Before they could answer, the helicopter vanished beneath the tree line, then an orange explosion blossomed up.
Dreams are weird sometimes. (Hey! I just realized I must dream in color! Somebody asked me that earlier, but I wasn't sure.)
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