July 10th, 2003


10,000 Steps

Apparently (well according to my sister), the latest fitness craze sweeping the nation (or at least her office) is the 10,000 step program. The idea is that you buy a pedometer, clip it to your waistband, and wear it all day. Your goal is to keep an eye on it and try to walk a total of 10,000 steps throughout each day. This is supposed to equate to 30 minutes of "moderate exercise".

Well, Sis thought it'd be fun to give it a try, so today she and I went to Target and bought ourselves some spiffy blue pedometers. For $18, I now have a little device that will tell me how many steps I've taken, how far I've walked, and how many calories I'm burning. Neat! Seems like a fun little toy.

So far, I've discovered the following: 1) it is 78 steps from my desk to the office bathroom, 2) I need a tape measure to measure my "stride" in order to figure out how many miles that equates to, and 3) my pedometer is a little bit rattly.

Hopefully this will be a bit of an incentive to keep fit and active. It'll be interesting to see how many steps I walk in a normal day. If nothing else, it'll be a new game/obsession.

I don't know what it'll think of ice skating though...I'm not sure pedometers are capable of skating-measurements. Especially not the way I was skating last night, since that involved a lot of sprawling on the ice. I was having a dreadfully "off" day, and I kept falling on jumps I'm usually fairly good at. (Now my butt hurts. Actually it goes pretty well with the various bruises and scrapes on my legs. I've been having a pretty clumsy week, come to think of it.) This is what I get for trying to do some summertime individual skating now that I'm out of practice. Fortunately there were a bunch of people I knew there (including the lovely figure_skater!), so I had a good time despite my ice-covered butt.

Ah well. I took a trip upstairs, and now I'm at 293 steps. Go me!