January 6th, 2004


Tuesday in the Arctic

I'm cold. Not all of me, just my hands. I was cold here at work yesterday too. Today I wore my warmest sweater (a huge wool one my mom brought back from Ireland), with a turtleneck underneath. The sweater part of me is mostly warm - well, at least it's not cold. My hands are still very chilly though. Cold enough that typing is a little bit difficult.

I'm always cold, and I'm tired of it. Too bad it's only January....but come to think of it I'm often cold in this office during the summer too. People here make fun of me for wearing sweaters all the time, but it's not my fault! This place is freezing!

It seems like recently everybody I know has gone somewhere warm except for me. I suppose I shouldn't complain too much, since I'm going to San Diego in March for synchro nationals, but I'd like to be warm now!

I used to keep a pair of fingerless gloves in my desk for days like this. I wonder what happened to them...I should see if I can find them, or get a new pair. They were always mildly frustrating, because my palms would be warm and a bit itchy, but my fingertips would remain icy. Still, it might help, at least psychologically. At least it's worth a try.

Or I could get my cubicle a sunlamp. That might be more pleasent...and I could get a tan too! hmmm....