January 20th, 2004


Bones and Icons

My sister and I were driving somewhere the other day, and she said that I must not have very good ligaments. After all, I've torn not just one but two ACL's now. I said that perhaps not, but I have Bones of Steel. I have never broken a bone in my entire life.

She said that's not so unusual. I believe it is, that most adults have broken a bone at least once. Even if it's just a finger or something. We bickered for awhile without agreeing, so I decided to try to prove it. Hence, a poll!

But first, on a completely different subject: I made myself a new "skater" icon. I've replaced my previous one (black background, bright-colored line drawing of a skater doing a spiral, remember?) for now, but I'm not sure if I should keep it. My previous one was much larger and clearer, plus it was just a very pretty picture. This one's main advantage is that, although small, it is actually me. It's this year's ending pose, taken at our first competition. It's nice, but it's not very clear, plus my scarf is caught on one shoulder. It's a pretty dress, but can you even tell I'm on ice skates? So I'm curious what you think.

Okay, here we go....

Have you ever, in all your life, broken a bone?

Never. Bones of Steel, baby!
Yes, but just one.
Yes, two (either two bones or two times, same bone).
Yes, more than two....owie!

Which skater icon should I use?

The previous one
This new one
I don't remember the previous one, so use this.
Use both, and get rid of some other icon (indicate which in comments)
Neither, stop it with the skating icons already!

Here is your chance to express your opinion without radio buttons!

Tell me a random fact about yourself (please?)