January 22nd, 2004



I was happily chewing away on a new stick of gum when I heard it. I always hear it before I feel it. A sickening crunching noise, a short series of loud pops run together. It echoes through the my ear canal, starting from inside, skipping the outer ear altogether.

My jaw froze, but it was too late. An instant after I heard the crunch, I felt the pain begin. My eyes widened involuntarily and began to water. I had punctured the inside of my lip with my teeth. Again. I tasted blood through the minty gum flavor.

That makes twice today alone. I have four raw little holes in my lip, two per bite. My teeth are straight, except for one very sharp incisor on the bottom which sticks out a little bit too far. If I'm not careful while chewing, it is easy to catch my inner lip between these upper and lower fangs.

Once I've done it once, the area becomes swollen, and it is even more likely for it to accidentally get caught again. Annoyingly, this cycle can go on for days before healing.

Eating is dangerous folks, so be careful out there!

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My nephew turned 1 on monday. Happy birthday little guy! Unfortunately I could not be there for the party, but my brother had this to say about the affair:

Will had a fabulous Birthday. He was only slightly confused at 40 people singing at him while his parents set a cake on fire.

I'll see him next week, and perhaps we can set another cake on fire for him. There is something delightfully fun about watching a baby smear cake all over his face, after all.