January 23rd, 2004


Winter Update

It was a balmy 6 degrees outside when I drove to work, plus* windchill. My still-wet hair instantly froze, and it made little crackling noises as I settled into my car. I'm kind of glad I threw a hat onto my head before I left my house, even if it does clash some with my coat.

The office isn't quite as cold as usual, which is nice. I'm wearing my long-underwear top underneath my shirt; that probably helps. I must still be somewhat cold though, because when I washed my hands in the ladies' room just now the water felt shockingly and deliciously warm. I hadn't even realized that I was so chilly until I felt the warmth coursing over my hands, and I smiled at myself in the mirror.

You know how sometimes you get into a hot shower, and you just sigh/moan "ahhh..." and smile involuntarily? I get that way when I wash my hands sometimes - especially at work, where the water temperature is usually perfect. It sends tingles down my spine and goosebumps up my arms. Warmth just feels so good!

I had a nice hot chocolate coffee for breakfast; I think I'll have another for lunch. mmmm....warmth, caffeine, and chocolate! What more could I want?

edit: Darn, the kitchen has no more hot chocolate. Guess I'll just have to drink regular coffee instead. Oh well, at least it's still warm....

* or would that be "minus" windchill? I think that windchill is (or should be) measured with a negetive number, so I'll leave it as "plus".