January 27th, 2004


Confusion Report

I had an excellent, if very mellow, time at ConFusion this year. I didn't do a whole lot, mostly I just wandered about, hung out with friends, met new people, and socialized. The only bummer was that I managed to forget my bathing suit, so there was no swimming or hottubbing for me. Well, there was an additional bummer, which is that my knee/leg has started to hurt pretty much continuously, so I spent a lot of time sitting with it elevated, trying to relax the too-tense muscles. But I was able to have a lot of fun even so.

I arrived Friday night after work, fairly late due to the snowstorm. Went to the opening ceremonies in order to cheer for bighoward, who was being inducted into the Detroit Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Go Howard! After that I went to dinner with a few people, which was fun. This was the last time I left the hotel until Sunday, because I felt it was just too damn cold out to make it worthwhile. For the rest of my meals, I just scavenged random food from the parties.

I roomed with SG, who is a great roomie. We had a contest going, to see who could stay up the latest. I'd say we basically tied, since I won the first night and she won the second night. We also helped each other out on our diets, trying to discourage each other from eating too much of the junk food sooo readily available. It helps to have somebody else helping keep you strong. This might be the only con where I actually managed to lose weight instead of gaining! Coolness.

So Friday night I drifted around the parties, and I probably didn't make it to bed until 5am? A couple of hours later than SG, I should add. SG woke up pretty early on Saturday morning (somewhere between 8 and 9!), much to both of our surprise. She was originally going to get going, and I was originally going to go back to sleep, but we ended up chatting for awhile instead. It was nice to talk to her though, so I'm glad I we did.

At that point I decided I was basically awake, and I wanted a Diet Coke. So I threw on a pair of jeans and some socks, and we walked up to the Con Suite. I had planned on getting a pop then returning to my room, so I was kind of a mess. I hadn't showered or even brushed my hair, I was wearing the previous day's clothes, no bra, and no shoes. I got distracted though, as is easy to do, and I ended up wandering around the hotel lobby, the dealers room, and the art show like that for quite some time. Oh well.

Finally I made it back to my room, where I cleaned up. I decided I wanted to attend a panel with Bruce Sterling, so I went and listened to him and a few other people talk about what will be the next popular geek item that SF writers will obsess over. It was a fairly interesting panel.

After that I went to a panel whose title had promise, it said it was a "UFO abduction workshop". I thought it would be funny and entertaining, but I actually wasn't very interested in it. The speaker and (it seemed) most of the audience firmly believed that people are frequently abducted by UFOs, and they were discussing the whole topic quite seriously. Unconvinced, I left halfway through. Those were my only efforts at attending programming.

Saturday evening came, and I started party-drifting again. I spent most of my time at the ConSuite, the GT party, and Cafe PenguiCon. I had planned to go to the masquerade, but I ended up missing it...darn.

There was to be a toga party that evening, and SG and I were clever enough to procure old sheets from the hotel to make our togas. We had fun putting them together. Mine was pretty silly, because I made it short, and I enhanced it with sexy boots, rhinestones, and funky hair. (Just like they did in Rome.) We decided that I was a combination of a Roman and a Flapper....a Rapper! Only I wasn't very good at rapping.

We wandered around for awhile in our togas, showing them off to people. We even bravely danced in our togas! This was quite challenging since they were strategically held in place by only a few safety pins, and we had very little on underneath. Fortunately the safety pins held up, so there were no embarrassing mishaps.

Probably around 1am we gave up on the togas and switched back to comfy clothes. For me that meant my tie-dye pants. We then went back to party-drifting and socializing. Turns out a few people had missed out on seeing my toga though, so I should have left it on longer. ("I was disappointed that you didn't wear any interesting costumes this year," one guy said to me. "Um, you didn't see the toga??") I'll have to post some pics eventually.

SG and I got progressively sleepier and sleepier, but neither of us wanted to admit defeat and go to bed first. (Here's a picture of me, still awake, if barely. I like this picture too, from earlier when I was more alert. Both pics are from eviljohn.) Anyway, some people were trying to make us lose our battle by cruelly giving us backrubs. (Oh, the horror!) Fortunately Cafe PenguiCon had plenty of coffee.

Finally, around 4am in the ConSuite, I gave in. I'd reached the point where I wanted to go to bed, but I didn't even have enough energy to get there! With some greatly appreciated help from F, I gathered up my last remaining strength and, with a quick "I'm not worthy" bow to SG, I stumbled back to my room.

Sunday I didn't wake up until almost noon....and I still felt tired all day! The afternoon went surprisingly quickly. I didn't do much. As always, I had to get to skating practice at 5, which came all-too-soon. I said goodbye to people, chatted a bit, drank lots of caffeine, packed up, and soon I was on the road to the ice arena. A great con, even if I didn't get to "dead dog" it to the bitter end!

(I started trying to actually "namedrop" LJ id's, but I quickly realized that I'm no good at it. There were lots, and I'd hate to miss anybody. Plus, there were a bunch of people wearing LiveJournal ribbons whose journals I don't know! So I'll just say: to those who were running the Con, great job! To everyone reading this who was at the Con: it was fun spending time with you! Thanks to all for making it a great weekend. Let's do it again at PenguiCon.)