February 11th, 2004


(no subject)

I have a small bruise on the back of my hand, from getting kicked at skating practice last night. Just a boot, not a blade, and it's not a big deal. Mostly it puzzles me, because I don't know where that boot came from; it shouldn't have been anywhere near my hand during that part of the program!

I had a nice lunch today. Usually I stay in my office building for lunch, especially during winter. However today the weather was Not Horrible, and I'd gotten into work extra early, so I decided to treat myself. I walked across the street to the noodle restaurant.

I picked my way through the dirty snowbanks, then bravely dashed across, narrowly avoiding the mad SUV drivers tearing through the distinctly anti-pedestrian streets. I then hurried through the parking lot to the restaurant.

I placed my carryout order, selecting some Japanese noodles with chicken. When she called my name and handed me a huge bag, I asked her, "Are there napkins and stuff in here?"

"This bag has everything you need," she assured me confidently. I accepted the bag with a touch of awe. I wondered to myself: how could she be so certain, and how did she know what I needed?

After I had struggled my way back to my office and settled back at my desk, I opened the bag. It had a large container of delicious noodles with chicken and cilantro. It had a napkin and a fork, but no chopsticks. It didn't have everything I wanted, but the girl was right. It had everything I needed.

At least for lunch.