February 18th, 2004



I think I might be coming down with half a cold. The left side of my throat hurts a whole lot. The right side? Feeling great. Maybe I'll take half a vitamin, along with half a bowl of chicken soup.

Tonight, perhaps half a Nyquil. Would that be just a Nyq? Or maybe I should just take the Uil. No, wait. It's the left side that hurts...that means I should take the Nyq part. Unless it's written in Hebrew. Then I'll take just the Liu, and nothing more.

Tomorrow I shall probably take half the day off, and spend it resting with half my body in bed. I shall drink halfway inbetween "lots of fluids" and "the amount of fluids I generally drink". I think I'll watch the first half of lots of soap operas, and I will watch the second half of some talk shows.

I will wear only one contact lens, and I will dress warmly on half of my body. The other half won't need the warmth, so I'll dress business-casual there. I'd better wear half a hat when I go to my half-day of work.

I'll wear one fuzzy slipper, and one mitten. I'll walk slowly with my left foot, and bounce happily on my right. Every other word I say will be deep-throated and scratchy. I will constantly blow one nostril, and I will breathe freely out of the other.

I've never had half a cold before. Perhaps it will be an adventure! Or maybe I'll just stop being silly and get back to work.

Last Chance!

Synchro Spectacular

See all six teams who represent the Detroit Skating Club (Map)

Friday, Feb 27 2004
7:00 pm
doors open at 6pm

Free Admission
(come early if you want a decent parking space)

Synchronized Skating Exhibition, Raffle, Silent Auction, Dessert

We will be raffling off an autographed and framed Detroit Red Wings' Steve Yzerman jersey. You can preview it in the DSC office.

Come help us send our teams off to the National Championships in style!