February 23rd, 2004


Pajama Weekend

I am quite a bit healthier today - yay! Although I still have a funky warble to my voice, it's not very noticible. I just sound a bit more "breathy" than normal. My throat is still sore, but I am much better. 'tis a good thing.

My "weekend in my jammies" helped a lot. I had almost no energy, so it was great to be able to just relax and not do anything. I slept a ton. It was weird: my body just sort of shut itself down of its own accord. There was little I could do about it. I would wake up, walk around, but as soon as I was horizontal I would start to fall asleep again. Very unusual for an insomniac like me! I'm glad I didn't have anything crucial I needed to do, so I could just let my body rest and heal itself.

I'd had a few household chores I'd hoped to accomplish, but aside from a couple loads of laundry I'm afraid I neglected them completely. Oh well. Hopefully this week I'll be a bit more productive.

I did get out of the house once before sunday night: saturday night I went with a few friends to see Return of the King finally. F and I were quite possibly the only people left on the planet who really wanted to see it but hadn't.

I was quite concerned about my ability to sit through a 3.5 hour movie. Being sick probably helped cut down my antsiness level though. The movie started at 8, so at about 5 I cut myself off from all food and beverages. I used the restroom right before the movie started, and it worked! I made it through the whole thing without leaving the theater once! After all, who needs hydration, when you've got hobbits?

Sunday afternoon I kept thinking I was on the verge of getting productive. I'm afraid I stayed on that verge (apparently also known as my couch), half asleep, all afternoon. Until suddenly it was 4:45 and time to get ready for skating. I took off my beloved comfy clothes and put on my skating uniform. The weekend was over, and it was time to be responsible again.