February 28th, 2004


Swimming, Skating, and Matrixing

Yesterday was an interesting day. [I love the word "interesting", because it can mean anything. It's the most undescriptive of adjectives.]

I began by shaving my legs, then I went bathing suit shopping. I am leaving for San Diego in four days! I'm hoping to spend a lot of time at beaches and pools, in the sun, because I have endured for too long this long dark Michigan winter. I have a handful of old bathing suits, but none of them were bought when I was at this current weight. So none of them look quite right.

Well, it was torture. I may be at my lowest weight in years (okay 3 pounds over it, but I digress), but I am still nowhere near swimsuit-model-weight. For some reason, I wanted a two-piece. Why? Well, I'm not sure. Maybe just to inflict more torture on myself. Maybe because I like the idea of being small enough to wear a bikini. Maybe because I like the feel of sun on my tummy. Maybe because I want to show off my tattoo.

Regardless, a bathing suit has got to be the least flattering item of clothing that a girl can wear in public. It exposes everything. The Scary Thighs? In plain view. And if your hips are a bit squishy, like mine? The elastic can turn them into lovehandles. Ack!

I tried on dozens of tiny pieces of skimpy overpriced fabric, growing more and more discouraged. I found several tops I liked a lot, but the bottoms were the real challenge. Probably because that is the challenging part of my body. Finally I settled on something, and I took it home. I've tried it on a couple more times in front of my mirror, wondering if I can really go out in public looking like this. Well....I can always wear shorts over it most of the time.... then it should look okay. I hope!

My next task of the day was my synchro team's "Nationals Send-off Exhibition". We were supposed to be at the rink at 5:30. I figured I'd do my hair and maybe part of my makeup at home, then do the rest at the rink. At 4:30 I got into uniform, and started to do my hair.

That's when I realized I couldn't find my makeup bag. I have a little round plastic bag in which I keep all the vital "head stuff" for competition. It has our team makeup, the tools I need to do my hair (Hairdini, hair spray, some rubber bands, a comb), my competition earrings, and the sparkly rhinestone barrette we wear in our hair.

I couldn't find the darn thing anywhere.

I still haven't found it. I ransacked my house looking for it, and it was nowhere to be found. I can't believe it's not here! It always travels in my skatebag with me at competition, then when I'm not competing I usually pull it out and leave it either near my skatebag or in the bathroom. It wasn't in either of those places. It wasn't anywhere I looked. SHIT!!!! I was growing gradually more panicked, as I looked in more and more places and didn't find it. I looked in my car. I looked everywhere.... except for wherever it is, I guess.

I've been racking my brain, trying to remember where I might have put it. I suppose it's possible that it got left in Traverse City. I tried calling the girl I'd stayed with there, but if I recall correctly she is on vacation right now. I don't know when she's getting back.

Finally I realized that I was very late, so I did my hair quickly (poorly), then dashed off to the exhibition. I borrowed somebody else's makeup, and I skated without the earrings or barrette. (But I smiled extra big so nobody would notice.) At first I was frustrated and on-edge, but I managed to put it out of my head while we warmed up and skated.

We had a pretty good skate. A few friends and coworkers came to watch, which was really cool. They seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards my sister and I went to Baker's Square with two of them, and we had yummy chicken. We were too full for pie, so we took it home to eat later.

While eating, we discovered that none of us had yet seen the third Matrix movie, and that it was playing at the cheap theater in an hour. So we spontaneously decided to go and watch it. Sis bowed out, but the other three of us went. It was okay...I'm glad I finally saw it. Now that I've seen the third Ring movie and the third Matrix movie, I feel less unfinished.

Except that I still haven't found my $%#& makeup bag. This is Not Good. It's round clear plastic, with a zipper, and I think a green flower or something on it. It could be anywhere. Let me know if you see it.

(no subject)

Some landscape service left me a note on my door today. It says (on a form, with some handwritten bits I italicized), "I noticed a tree Overgrown Silver Maple. Our price (if you call) would be $575 to remove." What? You want to remove my tree? I love my tree!

You want to charge me lots of money to remove a tree I love?! Bad tree people! No, I'm not calling you! Leave me and my poor tree alone.


In good news though, I washed my teddy bear a little while ago. I forgot him in the dryer for about a week (making my nights extra-lonely), and I finally rescued him a couple of nights ago. Now his fur is soft and fluffy. Extra good for cuddling at night. I love a newly-washed bear.