March 14th, 2004


Home and Recovering

This is neat: today (March 14) is Pi Day. I should have had myself a nice slice of pie at 3:14 (or perhaps 1:59) this afternoon... but I didn't. Instead I've spent the whole day so far lounging about. I ate a frozen pizza for lunch - does that count? Pizza pi?

Actually pie sounds really good. Too bad it would involve leaving my house, which really doesn't interest me. It's cold outside! I miss California.

So far today, I've loaded photos onto my computer, looked at lots and lots of pictures online, and watched our skating video a few times. (It was in my mail by the time I arrived home - nifty!) I've watched some television. I've caught up a little on LJ. I haven't yet unpacked, done laundry, or even taken a shower yet. Lazy lazy day...but it's nice to have that chance before I return to work tomorrow. (sigh)

One really nice thing about being home is my Puffs Plus tissue with lotion. My nose was getting soo raw and beat up with all the nasty hotel tissue I've been using this week. It's nice to be able to blow my nose without hurting it. It's the little things, y'know?

So yeah, unfortunately I'm still sick. Darn cold. I didn't let it get me down during my vacation though. I had a great time anyway. It's much easier to ignore a cold while vacationing than while at work!

I have a million (approximate count) entries jumbling about in my brain. Lots I want to write about, plus I want to post some more pictures. I took 208, and there are some nice ones. Eventually I'll get around to doing it all. Maybe even some laundry. Eventually.