March 18th, 2004


Exercise Kitty

I was lying on the floor, doing my morning stomach crunches. I had my eyes closed and I was moving quickly, trying to get them over with. Then I felt a tentative paw on my stomach.

I opened my eyes, still crunching away. My kitty was standing next to me, with one paw touching my stomach. She was staring very puzzledly at my stomach, which was rhythmically flexing. Then she looked at me pitifully.

Kitty likes to snuggle with me. She especially likes lying on my stomach/chest, while I am lying on my back. Whenever she sees me on my back, she always climbs aboard. Clearly she'd been about to do this, when she found my stomach...moving! She seemed very confused. She removed her paw, then she touched me again, clearly unsure of what to do.

I continued crunching 'til I reached 100, then I stopped and lay back. Kitty immediately hopped up, purring and head-butting my chin. I scratched her ears some, and petted her head.

Poor kitty. She didn't know it was now time for scissor-kicks. Very gently I slid my hands under my hips without disturbing her. I kept my head on the floor so my torso wouldn't move too much, then I started my scissor-kicks.

She looked so surprised! I'm sure she could see shadows of my legs going up and down in her peripheral vision, plus her perch (my stomach) was moving some as the muscles flexed. Not enough to knock her off, but enough to rock her back and forth a bit. Her eyes wide, she glanced around with a "What's going on?" expression on her face.

She looked very torn. I could see she wanted to continue cuddling with me, but this was weird! I watched her glance around, then try to relax, then glance around in confusion again, still maintaining her hard-won spot on my moving stomach.

She made it through to scissor-kick number 72 before she gave up and hopped off, stalking away in kitty annoyance.