March 22nd, 2004


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Sick sick sick.
Can't sleep.
But I made a new icon - a kitty-cat icon!
Now I can show off all 3 of my cats.
I'm not sure if I like it yet though.
Seems like a lot of wasted space...
and the faces are so small a lot of detail is lost.
Not too bad for a first try though.
It's hard to fit 3 cats in 1 icon!
Will have to (someday) play with arranging them better.

Trip Report Part Three: Award Ceremony

(part one, pre-competition)
(part two, competition)

After we finished skating and came down off the adrenaline high we were on, we started overanalyzing and picking apart our performance, worrying about every little thing that had gone even a tiny bit wrong.

"I stepped forward too early in the circle!"

"I went through the wrong hole in the 3-turn pass."

"Did you say 'shit' out loud when you went through the wrong hole? At Nationals??"

"I stumbled and almost fell in the block and went out of line."

"Was the solo skating lined up?"

And so on, and so forth. It was nerves, of course, and the helpless knowledge that our placement was now out of our hands. A combination of wanting to believe we'd done a great job, and the fear that it hadn't been enough. Our coach reminded us, "You guys skated an awesome program. I'm proud of you. Now it's just up to the judges; it depends on what they wanted to see."
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