March 23rd, 2004


Surgery on Thursday

Q: What happens when an irresistable force meets an immovable object?
A: It's simple: you find out which one is lying.

I walked into the arm of a chair on sunday. I was moving fast, but the chair was bolted to the ground. I now have a nice big bruise on my right thigh. The chair won.

I was studying the pretty bruise last night, then I realized -- my leg is about to look a whole lot worse. So I admired my leg for a bit. They always look so young, so fresh, right before battle.

Then I shaved my legs. They said not to shave 3 days prior to surgery...but I figure they meant not to shave with a regular razor. They didn't mean an electric razor.

Either way, it's too late now. It had to be done, and now it is. I was simply too hairy to let it go longer.

Today I tried to call the physical therapist I'd been seeing earlier, but it turns out she is no longer working at the facility she'd been at. This is disturbing: I'd wanted to see her again. I liked her a lot. Did they fire her, or did she quit? The woman on the phone didn't know where she'd gone.

I wonder if it's worth pursuing, or if I should find somebody new. I did a few google searches for her and didn't turn up anything. I really liked working with her, and I'd rather not have to get to know somebody new. But I don't know if I can find her again, or if she's working close enough to my office to be convenient. Or if she's working at all, I guess. Mysterious.

I still haven't decided if I want to use my own tissue or cadavar tissue for my fancy new ligament. I'll need to decide that soon.