March 29th, 2004


Cats in the Window

My sister was driving us up my driveway. I looked at the window of my house and commented, "There are cats in the window."

She didn't respond, so I started free-associating. "With a silver spoon. Little boy blue, and the man in the moon."

She walked around the car and handed me my crutches. "That's not how it goes.... is it? No, wait, the cradle. It's in the cradle. Not the window."

"No, look." I gestured with a crutch. "Cats in the window." The cats hopped down from the windowsill to greet us as we walked in the door.

So ended my first adventure in the Real World since my surgery last Thursday. Aside from spending a couple of minutes standing on my porch breathing the outside air, I have been trapped in my house since I got home Thursday afternoon.

Fortunately I've spent a good portion of that time sleeping, so it hasn't felt all that constrictive. In fact I'm still pretty tired, and I will probably go take a nap when I'm through writing this. My body is working hard to heal its knee, and it doesn't have a lot of energy left over to keep me awake for very long.

I visited my surgeon this morning for a followup, and he was pretty encouraging but unspecific. They took out my stitches and took an x-ray. He says everything looks good. He told me I should keep it straight as much as possible, that it was important.

It is not very comfortable when it is straight. But then, it's not really very comfortable most of the time. I'll try to keep it straighter. He also said I could start putting weight on it, ease my way off the crutches, whenever I'm comfortable -- although he also said some people take as long as 2 or 3 weeks. I tried to ask for details about a timeline and stuff, but he was vague. "No running or jumping yet," he told me.

He also gave me a prescription for physical therapy, which I will start tomorrow morning. I am sure my new PT will be a lot more specific and helpful as far as what I should do when, how often, and how long this recovery process will take. I suppose in his eyes, his work his done. He did the surgery, repaired the knee. Now it's somebody else's job to get me using it again.

So I have no specific restrictions, other than no running or jumping. ("He didn't mention skating," my sister pointed out.) Try to keep it straight. But until I see the PT tomorrow, I'll stick to what feels good. It still feels best if I elevate it and ice it regularly. I think I'll go do that now.