April 7th, 2004


Adventures outside my house

Saturday I left my house once again for a social event! Wow, that made two in 1.5 weeks...got to be a record. First SC came over, and we hung out and watched The Tick and such for awhile. Then he gave me a ride to EggStravaganza2004!!! It was an egg-themed potluck at a friend's house.

Wow, I have not eaten so many eggs in a long time. Over the course of the afternoon/evening, I had some quiche, half a scotch egg, two deviled egg halves, some chocolate eggs (my contribution to the potluck), half an omelet, an egg basin street, and half an egg benedict. Oh, and a little bit of chicken (grown up egg). I think that might be all...or I could have missed something. Suffice to say there were lots of eggs. I tried to sample at least a tiny bit of everything. Oh I remember: bread pudding at the end of the evening! Yum. Everything was sooo good.

I didn't leave the house again (wait, except for Monday night's walk around the block) until Tuesday, when I went to PT. At PT I got some exciting news: it was time to take off the pieces of tape covering my incisions! Woo-hoo! I propped myself up on my elbows and watched with intrigue as my scars were revealed.

They don't look bad, not bad at all. The 4 arthoscope incisions look like they are healing nicely. The main incision has a little oddity on the end -- it looks like a thick skin flap. The PT's theory is that there was a pressure blister when the leg was very swollen, and it popped. Kinda weird-looking. She told me to take extra care with it and put a little band-aid over it. We don't want the flap to rip off it if can be avoided. The rest of my knee is now open to the air!

I asked her if I was allowed to take a bath, now that the steri-strips are off. She said that yes, I could, but to make sure that somebody was around. She didn't want me slipping and falling. I nodded understandingly, but actually I had no intention of having somebody about for my bath. Hey, I live alone, and if I called up one of my friends and said, "Can you come hang out while I take a bath?", somebody might get the wrong impression! heehee. (Actually I had people staying over for the first several nights, when I was just recovering, but now that I'm getting better I've been on my own a lot more.)

In all seriousness, I knew I'd be fine -- I'd been showering regularly in that same bathtub for the past week. I was just extra extra careful getting in and out. It felt really good to soak in the hot water, and it felt great to gently wash all the adhesive and dried blood off my knee.

Wednesday there were no outside adventures (just friends and a horse-movie), but today! Today I saw the outdoors quite a bit. First I stepped outside to get my mail, and my across-the-street-neighbor saw me and came over to chat. She'd seen me crutching about earlier, with the huge bandage on my leg, and wanted to make sure I was okay. We stood on my sidewalk, and I showed off my new walking ability. She was really sweet, and she told me to just call if I needed anything. "I know you don't always have somebody staying with you...," she trailed off, glancing at my driveway.

Especially in these past couple of weeks, she has probably seen all kinds of random cars coming and going in my driveway, at all hours! I imagine my neighbors have been wondering about my 'living situation'. "Yeah," I said, "right after the surgery everyone was coming over to help out. Now that I'm getting better, they've all abandoned me though." We both laughed, and she reiterated her offer of help.

I wanted to try some more walking, like I'd done on Monday. I also wanted to go over to my parents' house for dinner. I decided it would be fun to go for a walk in downtown RO, since it's on the way -- plus, it would get me further out of the house.

I parked my car, pulled out my backpack and crutches, and headed onto the sidewalk for my adventure. It was neat, walking around town, looking in windows, feeling less like a hermit. I used both crutches, but I put a fair amount of weight on my leg.

My first stop was the bookstore, where I finally picked up a copy of drood's book. I'd been wanting to do that forever, but life has been complex of late. I felt a little guilty putting it into my backpack before I'd paid for it...but how else was I supposed to bring it to the register, with my hands full of crutches? I found myself glancing furtively around. I was looking for somebody to defend myself to, but I probably just looked more suspicious. Oh well, the important point is that I did pay for it, I swear.

Leaving with two new books in my backpack (look, I said I paid for them, okay?), I then headed to the pastry shop for a little snacky. (I'm still hoping my anticipated PT and exercising will burn off all the pounds I've been putting on during this convalescence...yikes!) I picked up a couple of treats for later, then I walked around the block to head back to my car. I'd say I did around 3 blocks this time, maybe 4...go me...again!

Next I headed to my parents' house to enjoy my mother's delicious meatloaf. I showed off my newly exposed knee, and everyone was impressed. After my last ACL reconstruction 11 years ago, I had to wear a huge brace for months. My dad looked at my knee for the first time this evening, and he asked in shock, "This time instead of a brace, all you have to wear is that little band-aid?!?"

It is pretty amazing, when you think about it, how quickly I am healing this time -- at least in comparison with last time. Tomorrow is the two-week mark. I am walking, if limpingly, and my knee now sports nothing but a band-aid and some internal stitching! Yeah it still hurts, and it's swollen. Yeah I have a long way to go before I can be athletic. (Four months, I'm told, until my ex-tendon is fully attached and performing its new ligament-duties.) But I'm getting there!