April 11th, 2004


Easter Egg

Today is Easter, so I thought a hard-boiled egg for breakfast would be just the thing to celebrate.

Last week, there were a few eggs in my fridge, and (since I rarely cook) I was afraid they would go bad before I used them. So when SC was over the other day, I asked if he would hard-boil them for me (because I am clueless enough in the kitchen that even hard-boiling eggs makes me nervous). He obligingly hard-boiled all of the eggs in my fridge.

This morning, a week later, I pulled an egg out of the refrigerator to eat. A tiny little alarm went off in my head when I noticed there were two different colors of eggs in the carton, but I ignored it. I sprinkled some salt on a plate, set the egg on the it, and took it into the other room to eat.

I tapped the egg on the plate to start it, then pressed down with my fingers to crumple the shell, making it easy to peel. splut You guessed it: the egg was raw. My fingers were covered in goop, and I had a raw egg sitting in salt and shell on my plate. Yuck!

I washed the whole mess down the disposal and had a roll for breakfast instead.

I did end up having a hard-boiled egg with lunch, after carefully performing a "spin test" to identify which eggs were raw and which were cooked.

Happy Easter to all, and be careful when you open your eggs!