April 19th, 2004



This morning it took me almost 2 hours between the time my alarm went off and the time I got out of bed. I was so exhausted! Not just sleepy, but all of my muscles just didn't want to move. I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom, because that involved more moving than I could achieve.

I went to PenguiCon over the weekend. I had a really great time, but it totally wore me out....even though I got way more sleep than is normal at a con. Well, come to think of it, my first week back at work had already mostly worn me out. PenguiCon just finished the job.) By Sunday afternoon, I was tripping over my own shoes when trying to walk! Even though I was assisted by 2 crutches.

I used both crutches most of the con. Not because I really need them to walk anymore, but as a safety device. For one thing, people give me extra space and time when they see me with crutches (it's like an alert flag). For another thing, if I do get bumped into, I can catch myself and balance myself (after all, even with crutches I remain the semi-invisible girl). For a final thing, it's nice to have some extra support when doing a lot of walking and standing around (a place to lean when my knee gets tired).

I had a very nice time. I hung out with a lot of great people, including some I rarely ever get to see.... rooming and hanging out with dreadpiratesiri was especially keen. Oh and look: netmouse gave me a sparkley hat!
(penguicon photo albums one and two)

Too bad the con (plus the 5 full days of work prior) left me half-dead this morning! I ended up taking the morning off of work. By the time I was finally up and mobilized, it was 10am. I had a PT appointment at 11:30, and it seemed silly to go to work for what would end up to be only about 45 minutes.

My PT appointment went okay. Except for the part where he massaged my scars, and I cringed with my hand in my mouth to keep from either screaming or hitting him. Or both. The exercises are feeling better though, and I'm getting stronger and more flexible.

Then I went to work. Emboldened by the exercises and the beautiful day outside, I left my crutches in the car. I went to work crutches-less! I walk with a significant limp, mostly because I still cannot bend my leg properly at the end of my stride. Still, it was nice having my hands free.

I even went for a (short, careful, and slow) walk in the afternoon. I walked around my building. The sunshine was lovely, but it was windy! It was kinda weird.... either I'm lighter than I think, or I'm weaker than I think, or the wind was a lot stronger than normal. Or most likely, all three.... because I was having trouble moving my leg forward against the wind! Very weird, to find a simple gust of air making me a bit unstable.

Then I got inside and walked up the stairs to my office. Without crutches! Of course, I leaned heavily on the handrails. But it was still a very satisfying little adventure. Now I'm going to try to get some more sleep. I am still pretty darn exhausted.