April 21st, 2004


I even think it's kinda cute the way / You poison my coffee just a little each day

Today my hotmail spam folder was filled with messages about dating. Online dating! Dating services! Need a date? Find the perfect match! A good 90% of the message titles had something to do with dating.

I deleted them without reading them, of course, But now I am wondering: does my spam know something I don't? Am I in need of dating help? Am I about to get my heart broken? Do I need to date some new internet stalkers? I didn't think so...I thought that my dating life was fairly satisfactory (at least as okay as a 30-something single girl can expect these days).

Or perhaps it is just that spring is in the air, so the Spam People have decided that we are all extra frisky this week.

Knee Healing and Pain

Today I brought a crutch to work. Monday I didn't bring any crutches, and then I was so proud of my mobility that I went for a walk around the block. And up 3 flights of stairs. Without crutches!

Tuesday I also didn't bring any crutches to work, but by the afternoon I was regretting it. Major pain...probably not helped by the fact that I'd forgotten to bring my usual supply of tylenol and advil with me to work. I found some advil to take, but I still took only half my usual drugs. By the time I went home last night, I was hurting too much to do anything more than lie on the couch, prop my leg up, and whimper occasionally.
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