April 22nd, 2004


Trouble With Singing

An entry in my friends list triggered a random memory from college, that I thought I'd share because it amused me.

I sang in an acapella choir in college, and we had this one song called "Deep Peace". Almost every line of the song contained the phrase "deep peace", and it gave me all sorts of challenges. I didn't know what to do those those two P's right next to each other like that.

Our director was constantly telling me to pronounce both P's, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to. I would sing "Deee-Peace...", and then when berated I would try really hard, closing my mouth very firmly when I got to the double-P's, and it would come out "Deeeeeeeee-Puh-eace". That was the closest I ever got, and I was really just lingering on one P, not pronouncing both of them.

It wasn't until after I'd graduated that I told this story to fachless, and she explained to me I needed to sing "Deeee-puh-peace", and it would sound correct. I tried it, and it worked!

Finally it made sense to me, and I could pull it off. Unfortunately my director never got to hear my new skill, and I haven't been asked to sing the song since. Oh well....

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A scary glimpse into my thought process:

  1. I see somebody doing the "three question meme"
  2. I think about how I never do memes, preferring to write original content (such as it is)
  3. I think about how I would have trouble with a question meme anyway, because I'm not good at answering questions
  4. I think about how my answers always begin with "um", followed by a needlessly complex explanation
  5. I decide that the term "waffling" is a good description for my question-answering technique, because I don't like direct answers
  6. I am reminded that the Doonesbury comic used to use a floating waffle for one of the, um, vice presidents, I think, because he waffled a lot on decisions
  7. I remember that the waffle was always depicted with a square of butter and some syrup dripping off
  8. My thoughts are taken over with "mmmmmm, waffles!", and I wonder if I can convince anybody to go get waffles with me sometime soon
  9. I am hungry