April 27th, 2004


Boring Knee Updates

I don't have much to say, yet I feel like I should still be writing. I guess the problem is just that my thoughts and activities are very repetitive right now. Mostly very knee-and-healing-obsessed. This stuff is hard work!

So, some knee updates:
  • I saw my surgeon on monday, and he says everything looks fine. He let me take photos of my x-ray (which was disappointingly boring, because it turns out my screws are disolvable and don't show up on an x-ray) and my arthroscope photos (which are kinda neat, and I hope didn't come out blurry). I'll attempt to post some eventually.
  • I saw my PT today and yesterday, and she criticized my shoes. Well, she said I shouldn't be wearing heels yet. It keeps me from straightening my leg properly. Okay, back to wearing my tennies to work. Also, sandles aren't allowed for my exercises. Darn it.
  • Every time I go there, various people tell me I'm not walking right. I know that! I'm trying, it's just not easy. Things I need to think about when walking: straighten the leg as the heel touches. Bend the knee and pick the foot up, like marching.
  • Actually if I think about it I walk fairly okay (for short distances). The challenge is remembering to still think about it when I'm tired or distracted.
  • One of the PT girls made me laugh when she explained that she was only scolding me for my own good. "You want a social life again, don't you, instead of just coming here? I just want you healed and walking right. I want to see you sprinting out of here and never needing us again!" And she mimed a person running away in slow motion, turning and waving dramatically, a big cheesy grin on her face.
  • On the plus side, last week they switched me from cold treatments to heat. Yay, heat! I love lying there for 20 minutes with hot-pads around my knee and electrical stim. Sooo much more relaxing than ice.
  • I asked my doc if I could bike and skate, and he said biking was okay but not skating for at least a month. Then I told my PT what he'd said, and the PT looked surprised. Then he shook his head and said he didn't think biking was a smart idea just yet. But not too much longer hopefully.
  • I asked my PT about the Race for the Cure, and he felt that walking 5K on June 5th was a reasonable goal. Coolness!

Snow and Memory-Loss

...and February was so long, that it lasted into...May???...

This morning it snowed. Snow! I mean come on, Weather-God, it's almost May. Snow hardly seems fair any longer. I looked out my window, and tried very hard to convince myself that it was just raining. "It's just very light rain, that's why it's being blown about by the wind. Yeah, that's it. Just light, fluffy rain."

As the "raindrops" got bigger and fluffier, I became less convinced. Finally I gave up the game and accepted that it was snowing. It was actually kind of surreal, because I have a pink cherry tree outside my back window. It's been blooming for almost a week now, plus my tulips are up and 3 daffodils (I don't know what happened to my other daffodils; I used to have more).

As I watched the large fluffy snowflakes float past my pink cherry blossoms, I shook my head. I thought the oddity might make a neat photo, so I grabbed my camera and stuck it into my backpack as I headed out to work.

Unfortunately, by the time I got out the door, I'd already forgotten my photography plans. In fact, this morning I forgot the following: photographing the snow/tree, my office swipe card, a company meeting which I was in the process of missing, my bag of PT clothes, my cell phone, a book, and the envelope full of photos I promised I'd distribute at tonight's dinner.

Clearly not my best morning. I was also 1.5 hours late to work, my head still foggy when I finally arrived and settled in. I think I'll blame it on the shocking snow.

It's quite possible that I forgot other things as well, and I simply haven't remembered them yet.