May 9th, 2004


Happy Mothers' Day!

This goes out to all mothers reading this, including the New Mom and the Hopeful Mom on my friends list!

Well, I mean the sentiment. You don't get the actual gift. Just my mom does. (sorry!)

I'm wearing a Fathers' Day shirt in this pic. You can't actually tell. I'm wearing it because I don't have any mothers day shirts.

My kitties used to get me little mothers day presents, long ago. They've stopped now. I guess they think I have everything I need. They're probably right: I'd prefer it if they'd just make me dinner anyway, or maybe tidy up the house a bit while I'm out. Not that they do that either....

It's a lovely day, and I think I'm going to pull my hammock out of the garage. See if I can actually enjoy the outdoors a bit before I go to my mom's house soon. We're going out for Italian tonight!