May 26th, 2004


Random Wednesday Stuff

My birthday is a week from today! I'm getting old. But even so, I like the number 33 so it'll be okay.

Why is it that I am more tired today, after getting about 7 hours of sleep, than I was yesterday, after getting maybe 2 or 3??? Very strange.

On the plus side, today is like a friday. I took tomorrow and the next day off of work, since my brother and nephew are coming into town. Yay! It will be great to see them both has been far too long.

I've fallen a bit behind on my Picture-Taking For The Cure, but I hope to catch up this weekend. Those of you who haven't made requests should do so! Anybody still interested in donating? (Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about.) It would earn you a customized photo of whatever you'd like!

The race is a week from saturday. Hopefully I'll feel fine walking that far (5K). It might take me awhile, but I know I can do this!

Today I have taken the stairs every time I've gone anywhere in this building. That means so far I've gone up 154 steps, and gone down 88 steps. My knee is still very sore and tired, but it is functioning much better than it used to.

I've narrowed down my bike choices. It's basically the end of May, so I'm sort-of allowed to ride again. I'm going to try to actually take a couple for (short, careful) test rides tomorrow, and make my decision. Yay, a new bike!