May 31st, 2004



Reading through archives, trying to find a post I remember writing. I found it here. I could write this same post today, almost the same words, almost the same wordless frustration and helpless trapped feelings. Two years later. It's May. I always get depressed in May. It's kind of nice to have this journal to look back on, because I can easily browse through the archives and prove such theories. I've kept journals in the past, but nothing so stable as this one, nor as easily searchable.


Friday was Siblings Day 2004 -- my brother, my sister, and I spent most of the day hanging out together. Bro's baby got to join us for part of the day too, lucky baby. He's kind of like a sibling, being that he's a child of a sibling. We played in a park in the morning, then we went to the zoo in the afternoon. That's where I took that wonderfully colorful picture of him that I posted earlier, in one of the many zoo gardens.

On the trail, we saw a peacock with its tail open . As I remarked to Bro, "If we could keep him from getting pecked to death, Will standing in front of it would make a great picture." We decided that Responsible Parenting dictated that to be a bad idea though, so we settled for this nice picture of him playing on the safe and inanimate tiger.

It was a lovely day, and a good time was had by all. We said goodbye to the elephants, who are apparently leaving the zoo for nicer pastures. I forgot to suggest we visit the polar bears, but other than that we saw lots of nice animals. (No donkeys though, so pi3832 will be disappointed.)

Friday night we ditched the baby with my parents and had a siblings-of-this-generation-only gathering. Sis made a delightful dinner, and I bought a delicious desert. Then we went to see the Lion King, which was a really cool production. I've heard lots of good things about it, and I was not disappointed. I was only sad I couldn't examine the costuming and puppetry more closely, since they were so elaborate and fascinating!

Saturday Will spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen sink. He got very wet, but he had a good time. We eventually took off his clothes and just let him go crazy in there. I got some great embarrassing pictures for when he gets older (but I haven't posted them on the internet, not yet at least).

Saturday afternoon we went for a walk in Royal Oak. Not only that, but we walked TO the downtown area from my parents' house! I estimate that we did about 3 miles total, or at least I hope so. That would mean that I'll be able to do the walk next week okay. I will be slow, and I will be very sore the next day or two, but I can do it!

Saturday evening we had a joint early birthday celebration for my and Bro's upcoming birthdays. It was cool. We gave Bro a camera like mine, but a new model. It's even tinier than mine! It makes me look huge and bulky, when in fact it's nicely pocket-sized. I was jealous. But I got a purple bike helmet, plus 3 nice tops. So it was all good.

Sunday we all went to a Tiger game, and that was a lot of fun -- even though the Tigers lost. Will was very good throughout the game, and of course everybody he saw fell in love with him. Who can help themselves? Unfortunately he and Bro took off Sunday evening. Bro was hoping that Will would sleep most of the car trip back....I hope that worked!

Sunday night I played lots of euchre with my gal pals, a nice way to finish off the day. Today has been incredibly uneventful and lazy, but that's nice to do sometimes.