June 7th, 2004


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It's monday, and I'm pretty worn out from my busy weekend. I significantly overslept this morning, which is particularly sad since I went to bed last night at a not-too-late hour. (Though I did find myself annoyingly awake again and reading online comics at 4am, come to think of it...but eventually I was able to go back to sleep.)

Here is what is stuck inside my head for some reason:
And my ex-boyfriend can't tell me I've sold out. Because he's in a cult. And he's not allowed to talk to me.
Yay for Dar Williams keeping me amused.

I'm tired, unfocused, and unmotivated to work today. Pity I'm supposed to be working anyway, eh?

Yesterday I pulled out my hedge-trimmer and beat back all of my neighbor's bushes which were in the way of my car. I didn't trim my Monster Hedge though; that looked too daunting.

Then I was going to weed-wack all of the weeds and long grass taking over my driveway and gardens, but it didn't have any power. I guess it drained itself over the winter. Hopefully by tonight it will be fully charged and I can finish that up.
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In which I embarrass myself

Here's the thing. As I walked into the bathroom, I realized that I had a ballpoint pen in my back pocket. I worried that if I left it in the pocket, there was a good chance of it wiggling its way out of my pocket and falling onto the floor or (worse yet) into the toilet.

So I pulled it out of my pocket, but then I didn't know where to put it. I needed my hands free to take care of unfastening my pants and such. I didn't have any shirt pockets, and the clip had broken off, so I couldn't just clip it to my clothing. For some reason it didn't occur to me to just set it on the tissue dispenser. Instead, I stuck it into my bra.

There I sat, the pen wedged precariously in the front of my bra. It wasn't a very good place for it, but I figured it would work until I could put it back into my pocket when I'd finished. It worked fine for awhile, until I leaned forward to begin standing up.

You guessed it -- I felt it slip, I heard a chink, then I heard what I'd most feared: a dreaded splut. I stood up and looked around to see the pen floating in the bowl.

I stared at it. There was an fraction of a second where I wondered what to do, then the decision was made for me. The toilets in my office building are "hands free", you see, and when I stood up the toilet began flushing all on its own. Before I could do anything, the pen was sucked down.

It disappeared without a trace. I stood there helplessly for a good 60 seconds, staring at the fresh bowl, fully expecting the pen to come bobbing back up. It didn't.

I'm amazed that the plumbing was strong enough to completely swallow a fairly large ballpoint pen (unfortunately one of my favorites, I might add). I hope it doesn't damage anything -- but even if the toilet does clog up, I probably won't be admitting that it was my fault.
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