June 8th, 2004


Oreos For Life

This evening I helped raise money for cancer research by having dinner. Isn't it great when you can combine nice things like that? hannunvaakuna's JC's fundraiser thingy for the Relay For Life was going in. It was pretty cool actually: the local Big Boy restaurant had agreed to donate 10% of their tabs this evening to the event! Also the JC's were there collecting additional donations and stuff.

Anyway I'd planned ages ago to come to the event, but I didn't think about asking anyone to join me until the very last minute. I didn't end up finding anyone, so I figured I'd just stop by, say hello to people, chip in some money, buy some raffle tickets, order some carryout, and be on my way.

As it turned out though, hannunvaakuna was just about to have dinner herself -- so she was kind enough to ditch her parents and join me for dinner. Coolness! Also my new friend bob_the_mighty was there, so I finally got to meet him. The three of us hung out for awhile chit-chatting, and I had a decadent piece of oreo ice cream cake (hey, it was for charity!). It was an excellent evening all told.

At one point, we were discussing our cellular phonebooks, and what we had called our own numbers. bob_the_mighty showed us that his number is called, I believe, "bobbernutter", or something like that? The number to my house line is just called "home".

I explained that I call my own cell phone somewhat frequently, in order to check my voice mail. I therefore want it to be listed first in my address book. Being that I am a Java Geek, I chose to call my phone's phone number "THIS". However since I also want it to be first in the list, I changed it to "A THIS". That wasn't first though, because I have friends whose names start with A. Also it looked kind of weird. So I switched it to "AA THIS". I was concerned that would still look weird though, because it could be confused with Alcoholics Annonymous or Ann Arbor. So I switched it to "AAA THIS". But wait, Automobile Association of America! So now my phone's number is currently listed as "AAAA THIS".

Yes, I obsessed about it way too much. I'm like that sometimes. But I'm happy with this solution....or at least I was, until hannunvaakuna looked at my phone. "Oh, yours is the same as mine," she said. "If you just hold down the 1 key for a bit, it will dial your voice mail automatically."

I tried it, and it worked.


Boy, that was a lot of fuss for nothing. I wonder if I should switch it back to "THIS"? But actually I guess I don't need it in the phonebook at all, if I can dial it by just pressing 1....

Hey wait, I just remembered the other reason I used to want it to show up first in the list! It was when I first got the new number, and I didn't quite have it memorized. It was nice to be able to quickly bring it up on the display, so I could tell people what it was.

Well that's not really applicable anymore either, since I mostly remember the number now. Maybe I'll leave it there anyway though.... my memory is faulty enough that there is no telling when I'll forget the number again.
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