June 14th, 2004


8.53 Miles

Sunday I went for a bike ride with F, and we rode 8.53 miles! I wanted to make sure I went farther than the day before. Unfortunately my butt-bones -- or "sit-bones", as cyclists call them -- were pretty sore from saturday's ride. After all, I haven't ridden a real bicycle in a couple of years now. But yesterday I shifted around until I found a manageable position, then I went riding anyway. Now of course my butt is even more sore. I know I will toughen up with use though.

The knee (or more specifically, the lower quadriceps muscle and the quad tendon from with the graft was removed) is still pretty weak. I only managed to average 10 mph again, and I was definitely slowing down for the last couple of miles. I have enough power to pedal, but not to actually push. I also can't stand and pedal at the same time, which is unfortuate...that's a good way of giving your bottom some relief when you ride over bumps. I did it though, and I know that biking will help me get stronger!

It was fun. It was a lovely day, and we rode through some pretty neighborhoods. My bike's seat seems pretty well-designed. In the past, my crotch has gone numb on long rides. I was on the bike for probably 45 minutes yesterday though, and although my butt hurt like heck, I didn't go numb! So that's a good sign; maybe I won't need to buy a new one after all. I'll decide in a couple of weeks. My left pinky finger did numb up though, so I think I should invest in some biking gloves to take pressure off the heel of my hand and all the blood vessels that go through there.
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